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Don’t take your eyes off the money!

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Don’t take your eyes off the money! Small business owners have lot of challenges; setting the company’s mission and vision, developing culture, policies, processes, marketing, and even brand awareness…all while simultaneously handling customer service! Amongst this, accounting and bookkeeping can suffer. Many business owners really don’t care about it that much. They are unaware of the importance of keeping clean

Investing in Mobile Homes

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“When evaluating a real estate investment opportunity, it is important to realize there are more conclusions than simply a “great


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REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS The sole idea that lies beneath the act of real estate investment is to put

How to Protect Your Business

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Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq. founded J.A. Williams Law P.C. – The Artist Empowerment Firm in 2011 to provide artists, entertainers

Why you should hire a CFO for your business?

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Boca Raton Bookkeeping has extensive experience with bookkeeping, QuickBooks, Xero, financial and accounting management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Cloud Based

Market Matrix – Denis Feldman

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Market Matrix – Denis Feldman By the mid-1980’s, Market-Matrix was founded by Denis Feldman to Connect, Facilitate, and Achieve, opportunities

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